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Labor Control & State Power

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8.4 Memorial Day Massacre, 1937

An eyewitness narration of unedited newsreel footage of the 1937 Memorial Day Massacre in Chicago, Illinois when steel unionists and their supporters were met with police violence on their way to demand the right to set up a mass picket in front of Republic Steel.

8.5 Murder of Frank Hanes, 1939

These three letters describe the murder of an African American farm worker named Frank Hanes by Mississippi plantation owner Tom Alexander. Bernice Wims wrote to the U.S. attorney general to request an investigation, but the federal government refused to act.

8.6 Charles Houston, Scottsboro Case, Revisited, 1939

Charles Houston delivered this speech to an International Labor Defense conference on July 8th, 1939. His “Special Paper on…Educational Equality” speech draws a connection between labor, civil rights, and education. Houston specifically links the Scottsboro Case to labor control.

9.2 Chavez Explains the Need for Boycotts, 1972

A TV interview with United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez conducted at the height of the struggle during the 1972 election season.

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