Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930) Era 7

Teaching Labor's Story

Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930) Era 7

Overviews: Historical Context


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7.1 Destitution in West Virginia, Commission Report, 1922

An excerpt from a longer report describing living and working conditions of miners in West Virginia in 1922.

7.2 Margaret Haley, “Why Teachers Should Organize” 1904

An excerpted speech given by teacher union leader Margaret Haley to the general assembly of the National Education Association in 1904. It was also published in the Journal of Education.

7.3 Clara Lemlich, “The Inside Story of a Shirtwaist Factory” 1912

Clara Lemlich, an immigrant garment worker and labor leader, describes the dangerous and dehumanizing working conditions in New York City’s garment industry and makes a case for woman suffrage.

7.4 Margaret Chanler Aldrich, “The Week Before Christmas,” December 20, 1911

This poem describes conditions faced by retail workers during the Christmas holiday season in the early 1900s. It is critical of wealthy shoppers who contribute to workers’ misery, and was used by the National Consumers’ League to encourage consumers to be allies by getting their shopping done early.

7.5 Lady Vaudeville and Her White Rats, 1909

Excerpt from George Fuller Golden’s 1909 memoir about his career as a Vaudeville artist and labor organizer.

7.6 Right of Women To Vote Kate Debs

In an article from the Appeal to Reason newspaper, Kate Metzel Debs, wife of five-time Socialist presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs, presents arguments for the right of women to vote, especially working women.

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