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“A debt paid for abandoned goals”: A Reflection from What Work Is

In recognition of Women’s History Month, I offer the following excerpt from my recently published book, What Work Is. The book is built.

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On Equal Terms-Gender and Solidarity

I am deeply pleased that Labor has published a review of my interactive digital installation, On Equal Terms: gender & solidarity, and that.

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Finding Oil Women: Images of Oil’s Clerical Workforce Challenge Industry-Cultivated Myth of Rugged Masculinity

The new issue of the journal Labor: Studies in Working-Class History is out, and we are pleased to move  Sara Stanford McIntyre’s essay.

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Working 9 to 5

Ever wonder if it’s safe to bring an artichoke to lunch when you’re trying to convince someone to speak up on the job?.

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Jason Resnikoff’s essay on QWERTY & the Neuter Keyboard- free access until March 31

Jason Resnikoff’s essay The Paradox of Automation: QWERTY and the Neuter Keyboard is now available with free access until March 31, 2022 of .

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