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Terminated contingent faculty member at Barnard: updates and call

Members of the contingent faculty committee wrote recently to the president of Barnard College, both applauding the successful contract with the newly organized UAW Local 2110 (representing contingent faculty) and calling for the rehiring of contingent faculty activist Georgette Fleischer. Our letter was excerpted on the local’s Facebook page. In short, we called for Professor Fleisher’s reappointment and expressed our deep concern about the chilling effect of punishing union activists.

The ongoing campaign to rehire Professor Fleischer has attracted the support of contingent faculty unions, graduate student unions, colleagues near and far, and others. Most recently, the language poet Barrett Watten wrote in support or reappointment, tying Fleischer’s treatment to the increasingly corporate university that diminishes faculty voices and governance.

For other posts about the effort to reappoint Professor Fleischer, see UAW Local 2110’s Facebook page. A fall 2016 LAWCHA blog post by Fleisher outlines the contingent faculty union’s organizing campaign.

To add your voice in support of the Professor Fleischer’s reappointment, please visit UAW local 2110’s Facebook page and contact Barnard’s President Beilock (