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Jacob Zumoff on The Red Thread; the Passaic Textile Strike

The Red Thread by Jacob Zumoff

Welcome to Labor Online’s first on-screen interview with an author of a recently published book. We’ll be  continuing to do author interviews in written form, but we’ll be experimenting with short introductions through these interviews. Today we welcome Jacob Zumoff, history professor at New Jersey City University, and author of the new book, The Red Thread: The Passaic Textile Strike.

Prof. Zumoff shares why the strike of 15,000 wool workers in New Jersey is still compelling and what he uncovered that adds to our understanding of this strike. The Communist Party led this  mass workers’ struggle in 1926, and it happened right around the time that many had declared the labor movement was doomed to craft unionism.  This is a short interview that introduces some of the themes and arguments of the book.