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LAWCHA is pleased to have solicited and endorsed several panels at the 2019 OAH Conference in Philadelphia. We hope to see you there.

In addition, we hope you will attend the LAWCHA Luncheon and Annual Meeting on Saturday, 11:30 am-1 p.m. (You are welcome to join us without purchasing a lunch). Mae Ngai will give a talk on “Chinese Diasporic Labor and the Global Politics of Race,” and we will announce the winner of the David Montgomery Award and provide an update on the LAWCHA Conference coming in May.

Finally, please stop by LAWCHA’s table in the exhibition hall to say hello.

LAWCHA Solicited & Endorsed Panels at the 2019 OAH Conference (Solicited Sessions in Bold) 

Thursday, April 4th


Roundtable on the New Deal: What’s New about the New Deal? A Fresh Assessment


Working and Reworking Freedom: African American Women’s Labor in States of Unfreedom

The Nature of Deindustrialization: Rural Workers and Environmental Politics in the Age of Capital Flight

Laboring for Citizenship: Middle-Class Black Activism from Reconstruction to the Black Power Movement


The Politics of Caring Labor: Histories of Race, Gender, and Migration in the 20th Century

Friday, April 5th


Constrained Freedoms: Women and Minority Entrepreneurs in Food Service, 1870-Present


Black and Brown Spaces of Liberation in Postwar Cities: A State of the Field (Solicited by LAWCHA)

Laboring for Freedom: African American Women Workers in Public Places and Domestic Spaces

Freedom of Movement in the Slavery Era: Defining, Regulating, and Limiting the Movement of Migrants and Sailors in the 19th Century

The Golden Age of American Capitalism?: Perspectives on the Postwar Era


Welfare or Reform? Antinomy and Hypocrisy in Modern Social Policy

The Work of Freedom: Disability, Care, and Organizing around Health and Safety in the Postwar United States

Saturday, April 6th


Digital Labor History and Historical Sources and Data


Gender and U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines

Laboring to Obtain and Maintain Freedom: Skilled Black Women, 1785 to 1890


Add Federal Funds and Stir: Antipoverty Activism in Black and Brown

Little Prospect for Freedom: Native, Black, and White Children as Servants, Slaves, and Boarding School Students in the U.S. Midwest

Add Federal Funds and Stir: Antipoverty Activism in Black and Brown


Working for Freedom: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Workplace (Solicited by LAWCHA)

“People in Motion”: The San Francisco Bay Area and 1960s Social Movement and Coalition Building

Sunday, April 7th


Work and Workers in Philadelphia, tour led by Walter Licht. The tour is limited to 20 people and only 2 slots remain, so move quickly if you want to sign up. If you’ve already registered for the conference, you can add the tour by email to or call 812 855 7311. Otherwise, you can include the tour in your general registration.