Call for Proposals

Call for Papers: 2018 Louisiana Historical Association Annual Meeting

The complex history of Louisiana with a narrative that does not neatly fit into the 13 colony Anglo-American story has resulted in leaving much of Louisiana’s experiences out of the broader national narrative of US history. This complexity encompasses, for example, not only its unique French and Spanish colonial experience, but also factors such as intimate ties with Native Tribes and the existence of a tri-racial society. Additionally, a different legal code afforded women and people of color rights in 18th century Louisiana that dramatically differed from their counterparts in the British colonies. In fact, nearly every facet of life in Louisiana, political, cultural, religious, and societal offers examples of a different experience and, consequently, a different development from colony to state.

New Orleans will be celebrating its 300 year anniversary in 2018. In many ways, the city is a microcosm of the dynamic tensions that manifest themselves in the macrocosm of Louisiana. This conference seeks to uncover the hidden histories of this region and make these findings known to a larger audience. While we will commemorate New Orleans’ diverse history at the conference, we also seek papers that will examine Louisiana (in its broadest terms) through this lens.

We prefer proposals for complete 90-minute sessions, comprising either a roundtable, or two or three papers, plus a chair and a commentator. We will also consider individual paper proposals. Presenters must become members of the LHA and register for the Conference.

Proposals will be submitted in a single Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF format file and include:

  1. A cover sheet with the session title as well as the names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of all participants, including the chair and commentator.
  2. A one-page (or less) summary of the focus and intent of the session.
  3. A one-page (or less) abstract for each paper or presentation.
  4. A one-page (or less) curriculum vitae for each participant.
  5. A statement whether contact info (email, Twitter, etc.) may be shared or not with attendees.
  6. A specified preference for any electronic equipment required for presentations.

Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2017. Please email proposals to Dr. Laura D. Kelley, Program Committee Chair, at and include the name, affiliation, and email address of the proposal organizer in the body of your message.