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Solidarity Statement for Yale Graduate Students

Yale continues to evade its legal responsibility to bargain with the legally certified union representing graduate teachers at Yale. Since April 25, the fast by graduate teachers and their occupation at Beinecke Plaza has continued as well. Despite calls from 12, 000 members of the Yale and New Haven community, including over 100 faculty of Yale and Yale Law School, the Yale administration is cynically and opportunistically stalling, waiting for Trump to reappoint the NLRB. We are now calling on everyone to sign the following Solidarity Statement urging the Yale Administration to negotiate with the union.


Young people deserve a bright hopeful future.

We stand together with the courageous young scholars at Yale University who have chosen to fight for their future.

The cause for which the graduate teachers are fighting does not belong to them alone. A secure living, fair benefits, a workplace free from racism and sexual harassment, and a voice in their conditions—these are the rights of all working people.

We applaud their steadfast commitment to justice in the wake of their administration’s refusal to engage in
constructive dialogue.

We honor their spirit of unity, a powerful contrast to the spirit of Trump and his efforts to divide.

We call on the Yale Corporation and Yale President Peter Salovey to immediately stop their tactics of delay, to begin a constructive dialogue in keeping with the spirit of the University, to embrace the values of these young scholars and to celebrate their efforts to create a more equitable and democratic society.

Their cause is our cause. Their future is our future.