Action Alerts

Student Hunger Strike at Tufts University

Yesterday afternoon, students at Tufts University began a hunger strike in protest of the impending firing of 35 janitors by the Tufts administration.

For the past several months, janitors, students, faculty, and community representatives have been united in a campaign against these cuts. Last month, the Somerville and Medford City Councils passed a resolution urging Tufts to discontinue plans for the cuts. The Tufts Labor Coalition has organized increasingly large-scale actions in opposition to the plan, and janitors have held weekly rallies on Tufts’ campus. Nonetheless, Tufts plans to move forward and layoff 1 in 6 janitors in early June.

Now, we need your help. Tufts administrators have proven that they don’t listen to the voices of their workers. Will you call administrators at Tufts to show your solidarity with our janitors? Below is a list of phone numbers, as well as a possible script that can be used.

Phone Numbers

President Tony Monaco: 617-627-3300
Executive Vice President Patricia Campbell: 617-627-3331
Vice President of Operations Linda Snyder: 617 627 3334

Example Script

As a concerned [student, alum, community member, supporter, etc], I am calling to ask for one simple thing: immediately stop the plan to layoff 35 janitors.

The budget should not be balanced on the back of the most vulnerable members of the Tufts community. I support the united efforts of workers, students, and faculty to push for a more just and inclusive campus.

Thank you,
[Your name]

In solidarity,
Sam Slate
Tufts Labor Coalition
USAS Local 111