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Philly’s School Kids Need Our Support

School safety is on the chopping block in Philadelphia. On June 7th, the school district announced the layoff of 1,202 school safety staff. Today, a group of Philadelphia school parents and lunchroom staff responded in an incredibly inspiring way, launching a Fast for Safe Schools on the steps of the Governor’s office. The fast will continue until the City and the Commonwealth act to prioritize school safety.

The fasters are making a huge sacrifice for Philadelphia’s kids. Now, they need your help. Email Governor Tom Corbett – tell him to act now to prioritize school safety.

In the next two weeks, the Pennsylvania state legislature and Philadelphia City Council will decide whether to supplement school funding, which could allow student safety staff and other school employees to return in the Fall. Stationed in hallways and lunchrooms across the district, Student safety staff play a critical role in keeping the schools safe.

The Fast for Safe Schools has received tremendous support from the community.

Will you add your voice? Email Governor Corbett now.

Message from UNITE-HERE.