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“Labor Under Attack,” PNLHA Conference

The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association’s Annual Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, from May 3-5, 2013. It is entitled, “Labor Under Attack: Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future.”

2013 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, whose organizing in the northwest resulted in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia being one of the most strongly unionized regions of the US and Canada by the end of World War II.

How will we preserve the gains of the CIO era, and build a new labor movement? What are the connections between the CIO and progressive political movements, and our own unions and popular movements like Occupy? This year’s 45th PNLHA Conference in Portland gives workers, unionists, scholars and community activists an opportunity to reflect on some of these themes and examine the prospects for a revitalized labor movement in our time.

To register and for more information, see the PNLHA website or their official conference brochure. Early registration lasts until April 12, so register quickly!