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Goldfield Roundtable: Was Another Course Possible for Steel Workers?

This is our second entry for this week’s roundtable discussion on Michael Goldfield’s new book, The Southern Key: Class, Race, and Radicalism in

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Does the History of Labor Struggles Really Mandate a Vote for Joe Biden?

In this essay, Ahmed White argues that the recent profiling of the GM Strike of 1936-1937 as a model for the potential of

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The Red Scare and Radical Unionism

One hundred years ago this November, a small army of federal agents, backed by police and vigilantes, launched the first of a series

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Labor History

Remembering the Last Great Strike this Memorial Day

On the afternoon of Memorial Day, 1937, at least 1,500 striking steel workers and their supporters marched across a sun-drenched field in the

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