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Gender in Movement(s): Women and Gender in Motion

The theme of the 2020 meeting International Federation for Research in Women’s History/Fédération Internationale pour la Recherche en Histoire des Femmes is “Gender in Movement(s): Women and Gender in Motion.” The aim to explore gender and women’s history from the multiple vantage points of movement and social movements.

We invite scholars to submit papers, panels and roundtables that engage histories of women and gender in both motion and movements read in a range of different ways.  These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Women and Gender in Motion. What happens to gender and to women when they travel?  What are the gendered histories of the major movements, both involuntary and voluntary, that have marked the Early Modern and Modern worlds, including Transatlantic slavery, settler colonialism, mass migration, indenture, and refugee displacement? How does our analyses of women and gender change when we put these different forms of motion at the centre of our analyses?
  • Women and Gender in Movements. In the past few years women have taken the frontlines of movements like Idle No More and Black Lives Matter, they have posted with the hashtag #MeToo, marched on Washington D.C., and protested dress codes in Iran.   How do these histories prompt us to re-examine the history of women and gender in social movements in the past?  How has gender shaped the histories of a wide range of social movements, including but not defined to abolitionism, the labour movement, feminism, civil rights/anti-racism, environmentalism, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered/two-spirited rights, anti-colonialism movements, internationalism, and peace?
  • Women’s and gender history in motion. How and why have the practice of women’s and gender history changed?  What are the analytics, theories, and methodologies that are shaped and are reshaping women’s and gender history?  How might women’s and gender historians respond to the shifting intellectual, political, and social terrain of our work?

Paper proposals: Please submit a one-page abstract with a title, short description of the paper and its relation to the overall theme, plus contact information. Panel proposals (usually three papers, a commentator and a chair): Please include a proposed title, a short description of the panel’s theme, a short abstract of the proposed papers, and contact information for all participants. Suggestions for commentators and chairs are welcome.

Roundtable Proposals (usually 4-5 shorter presentations and facilitator).  Please submit a proposed title, a one paragraph description of the roundtable’s theme, a short description of each speaker’s proposed focus, and a suggested chair/facilitator.

Proposals for papers and panels should be sent to The IFRWH/FIRHF is an affiliated organization with the ICHS/CISH. Participants in the IFRWH Congress must register centrally for the ICHS/CISH 2020 Congress. The online registration form for the ICHS 2020 can be found at All participants need to register through this online form but payment can be made at a later date. If you have any questions about the registration, please contact

FINAL DEADLINE is April 15, 2018

For other questions and suggestions, please write to Adele Perry, Vice President, IFRWH/FIRHF, or visit the website at