LAWCHA National Conference, New York City, June 6-8, 2013

Meeting in a year in which surging corporate power has threatened both unions and democracy as we know it, the 2013 LAWCHA conference in New York City focuses on how varied groups of working people have built the solidarity needed to challenge their employers, each other, their communities, and the state to seek justice and improve their lives. Historically and today women, immigrants and people of color have often been at the forefront of these struggles. Many have seen the revitalization of their organizations—unions, cooperatives, mutual aid societies, and political movements—as critical to their struggles for equality and democracy in and beyond the workplace. In the present moment, faced with obstacles to organizing that evoke earlier centuries, workers and their allies are creating innovative organizational forms and strategies in the U.S. and around the world.

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New: The conference has passed and was a success! LAWCHA Conference 2013 Recap and Reports

When: June 6-8, 2013

About the Conference

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The 2013 LAWCHA Conference will be held in New York City, right in the heart of Lower Manhattan. Conference panels and roundtables will be held at the Graduate Center for Worker Education, on the 7th Floor of 25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004.

Plenaries and other events will be held in venues nearby. For more information, see the Program.

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The conference will take place from Thursday, June 6th through Saturday the 8th, 2013.

The committee is working closely with the Left Forum in New York, so as to reduce conflicts and allow interested scholars and activists to participate in panels, presentations, and plenaries for both events.


Online Registration Closed

Onsite registration will be available through check only.

Onsite Registration
Registration Type Regular Student Retiree
LAWCHA Member $90 $50 $40
Register & Join LAWCHA $120 $70 $70
Regular, Non-Member $120 $70 $70
One-Day Registration (Saturday, June 8) $35 $25 $25
Membership Luncheon +$25 +$20 +$25

Guest registration, for non-participating or non-academic partners, spouses, and relatives will be available on-site for $40.


We are truly proud that LAWCHA is both an international organization. This year’s conference registrations reflect that fact, with guests from Thailand, to New York, to New Zealand. For a more detailed breakdown of where our registrants hail from, we have assembled some of the data below. For an interactive map, see the page for the LAWCHA 2013 Conference Guest Countries, Cities, and States.

A map of just some of our registrants for the 2013 LAWCHA Conference.
A map of just some of our registrants for the 2013 LAWCHA Conference.

Note: no sensitive data is contained in this map.


The three hotels listed below are union hotels, but other accommodations like the YMCA and our various hostels are not. There is a website dedicated especially for searching for union hotels in New York City, however, run by the New York Hotel Workers’ Union. Columbia University also has a list of Short-term Housing Options near their campus, most at affordable rates.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our accommodations organizer, Chris Michael, at or by phone, 1-646-789-8078.

Suggested Hotels

Best Western Bowery Hanbee, New York. Courtesy the Best Western Bowery Hanbee website.

Best Western Bowery Hanbee

Starting at $219
Address 231 Grand Street (1.7 mi)
Phone 212-925-1177

St. Giles Holes, New York. Image courtesy the St. Giles Hotel website.

St. Giles Tuscany

Starting at $229
Address130 East 39th Street (3.7 mi)
Phone 888-406-8588

Chelsea Hostel

Starting at $75
Address 251 West 20th St (3.5 mi)
Phone 212-647-0010

American Dream Hostel

Starting at $120
Address 168 East 24th St (5.1 mi)
Phone 646-290-0461

Chelsea Center Hostel

Starting at $35 (dorm) & $100 (2-5 people)
Address 83 Essex St (2.3 mi)
Phone 646-669-8495

Three East 3rd Dorm

Starting at $260 (for entire week)
Address 3 East 3rd St (2.1 mi)
Phone 212-533-7749

Off Soho Suites

Starting at $299 (for 4 people)
Address 11 Rivington St (1.8 mi)
Phone 800-633-7646

Sutton Residence

Starting at $130
Address Lexington and 47th St (4.1 mi)
Phone 212-838-3852

West Side YMCA

Starting at $90 (single), $105 (double), & $140 (private bath)
Website West Side YMCA
Address 5 West 63rd Street (6 mi)
Phone 212-912-2600

Vanderbilt YMCA

Starting at $90 (single), $105 (double), & $140 (private bath)
Website Vanderbilt YMCA
Address 224 East 47th Street (6 mi)
Phone 212-912-2504

Harlem YMCA

Starting at $67 (single) & $80 (double)
Website Harlem YMCA
Address 180 W 135th Street (11 mi)
Phone 212-912-2100

If you have questions or comments, please contact our accommodations organizer, Chris Michael, at or by phone, 1-646-789-8078.

Conference Program

LAWCHA extends a generous thanks to this year’s program committee for organizing the conference:

  • Chair: Kim Phillips Brooklyn College
  • Co-Chair: Immanuel Ness Brooklyn College
  • Joey Fink UNC Chapel Hill
  • Erik Gellman Roosevelt University
  • Laurie Green University of Texas, Austin
  • Jim Gregory University of Washington
  • Clarence Lang University of Kansas
  • Chris Michael Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Priscilla Murolo Sarah Lawrence College
  • Ryan Poe Duke University
  • Jacob Remes SUNY Empire State College
  • Shelton Stromquist University of Iowa
  • Daniel Walkowitz New York University

Our program is now off to the presses! Download the official LAWCHA 2013 Conference Program. Please note that we cannot make changes to the print program, nor will we update the .PDF. If you wish to have your information changed on the program, email