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Four New Teaching Labor’s Stories! Check them out —

Four New Teaching Labor’s Stories!  Check them out —

The TLS repository now offers more ways to examine how work changed in the early- to mid-twentieth century, and how repressive state systems worked to constrain different groups of workers, including Black labor.

·       Explore working conditions and labor organizing in Vaudeville with Andrea Ringer’s “Lady Vaudeville & Her White Rats, 1909.” This is an amusing and insightful account of industrial-era working conditions and labor organizing in the oft-ignored mass entertainment industry.

·       Delve into the conflicts between workers’ struggling for dignity and a livelihood against state-supported repression and labor control. Randi Storch’s “The Memorial Day Massacre, 1937” features an oral interview narration of the famous Paramount newsreel of this event. Greta deJong’s “Frank Hanes Murder, 1939” and Gordon Andrew’s “Charles Houston, Scottsboro Case, Revisited, 1939” reveal two different ways in which the police powers of the state enabled white control of black labor.

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