Labor History

Labor Song of the Month

Greetings from the Higgins Labor Program at the University of Notre Dame, where we are actively building our online presence with original content. One of our signature features is the Labor Song of the Month, a vehicle for lovers of labor and music to riff on a work-related tune — a classic protest song, a pop ditty about work, a rock rant about class, etc.

We’ve published fifteen short essays over the past two-plus years, featuring recent songs by punk-pop bands like Sleater-Kinney and Tacocat, new and old tunes by activist musicians like Mavis Staples and Billy Bragg, and protest pop hits by Stevie Wonder and Merle Haggard.

We’re looking for a wider audience AND new contributors. If you like the site, please share widely via email, website links, and social media. And if you have a suggestion for a song — and, just as important, are interested in writing about it — please reach out to me via email (