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Some Silver Linings for the Working Class in British Politics?

On the face of it, there is little to make progressives cheerful about in British politics at the moment. In the wake of June’s Brexit vote the Labour party has begun to knock large lumps out of itself with a Mexican standoff between the parliamentary Labour party and the leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Read more →

August 28th, 2016

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A Filipino picketer holds a sign showing the support of the AFL-CIO and AWOC (Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee) for the Grape Strike, Delano, California. Credit: The Reuther Library

AWOC Audio Recordings Now Digitized

by The Walter P. Reuther Library  on August 15th, 2016
The Reuther Library is pleased to announce the digitization of over 100 reel-to-reel audio recordings related to the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC)… Read more →

James N. Gregory, “Radicals in the Democratic Party, from Upton Sinclair to Bernie Sanders,” The Conversation (August 2, 2016)

by Ryan Poe  on August 4th, 2016
As we watch Bernie Sanders’ supporters struggling to come to terms with the nomination of Hillary Clinton, it makes sense to ask why leftists are involved in the Democratic Party in the first place. Read more →

LGBT Advocacy and the AFL-CIO

by Jennifer Eidson  on June 27th, 2016
June is Pride Month in the U.S. Pride, this year, marks the 47th anniversary of Stonewall, and the first year since Obergefell v. Hodges… Read more →

Radical Leisure

by Eva Swidler  on June 9th, 2016
Connections, both real and hoped for, between the labor movement and environmentalists have been news for at least fifteen years now. The possibility of such a connection came into wider view at the Seattle World Trade Organization protests in 1999, when alliances between trade unionists and other protest groups made headlines with catchy phrases like “Teamsters for Turtles”—or, more prosaically, the “blue-green alliance,” in reference to blue-collar workers joining with green ecological activists. Despite the once-exciting and novel possibility being now institutionalized in such organizations as the Labor Network for Sustainability, the Blue-Green Alliance, and SustainLabour, the thrill seems to be gone for mainstream environmentalist discourse, and labor has largely faded from view. Read more →
United Students Against Sweatshops

Garment Workers are Speaking Out – Will Nike Listen?

by Shelton Stromquist  on March 17th, 2016
Today marks the first day of our countrywide worker speak-out featuring Noi Supalai, a former union President and Nike worker from Thailand. While manufacturing apparel… Read more →


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Labor 13.2 (May, 2016)

Ryan Poe, June 27th, 2016