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Leon Fink is a distinguished professor of history at the University of Illinois, Chicago and the editor of Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas.
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I write with exciting news of the takeoff of LaborOnline, a new blog that will deepen and extend the content of LAWCHA’s flagship journal, Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas. As piloted by new Associate Editor Rosemary Feurer–and assisted by an all-star cast of designated blog contributors–LaborOnline will feature commentary on a host of issues, contemporary and historical, as well as “instant” dialogue and debate among readers and authors about the contents of the print journal.

Just log in (there’s a helpful, easy set of videos to get you started) and follow the ongoing discussions. Throw in your two cents there or suggest a new thread of your choosing!

  • William Julian

    Congratulations Leon and Rosemary. This is both needed and timely. Bill Julian

  • Christopher Phelps

    Cheers to the new digital dimension to a superb journal.

  • Steve Brier

    A modest suggestion, Rosemary and Leon, to improve the reach and use of Labor Online. You should add RSS capability to the site so that folks can subscribe via their email addresses and be notified when new things are added (for example, after they comment on something, they will be notified via RSS when and if someone responds to their comment rather than have to repeatedly visit the site). It’s a fairly easy thing to add to WordPress (a plug-in).

  • Ryan Poe

    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I’ll work on the commenting part, and here is the link for the LaborOnline RSS feed: