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Calls to action for LAWCHA members and member activist activities in recent weeks.

  • Scholarly Associations Defend Tenure and Academic Freedom in Wisconsin

    Last Update: 2 months ago

    LAWCHA has signed on to a statement from the American Historical Association urging for the protection of academic freedom in the wake of pending legislation in the Wisconsin legislature.

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  • Student Hunger Strike at Tufts University

    Last Update: 4 months ago

    Yesterday afternoon, students at Tufts University began a hunger strike in protest of the impending firing of 35 janitors by the Tufts administration.

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  • Temple Adjuncts Deserve a Union

    Last Update: 5 months ago

    Ryan Eckes, an Adjunct Professor of English at Temple University forwards a recent MoveOn petition to treat adjunct faculty with dignity and respect by allowing them to form a collective bargaining unit with the union they have chosen, Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP).

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  • (Wisconsin) Rallies Planned to Fight ‘Right-to-Work’ Law

    Last Update: 6 months ago

    12:00 p.m. Tuesday February 24 and 12:00 p.m. Wednesday February 25, State Street Side of the Capitol. The Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform will be holding a hearing Tuesday, February 24, to hear comments on the proposed law. Interested persons may contact legislators about the proposed law by calling the legislative hotline is: 1-800-362-9472.

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Upcoming Events

  • Labor Research & Action Network (LRAN) Annual Conference

    June 15 – June 16, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. The Labor Research and Action Network (LRAN) is a dynamic collaborative effort to connect workers’ rights organizations, academics and students to build workplace and economic power for working people in this country. Registration is now open for their annual conference and the program is online.

  • Society of American Archivists Labor Archives Roundtable at the 2015 LAWCHA Conference

    May 28-29, 2015. As part of the Society of American Archivists Labor Archives Roundtable’s ongoing efforts to coordinate with LAWCHA, two conference sessions and several archival repository open houses will be on the LAWCHA 2015 conference program this year.

  • 2015 Southern School for Working Women

    July 9th-12th, Miami, Florida. Join working women throughout the South for four days of training and networking. Women representing several unions and backgrounds join forces to share and develop leadership skills that will impact their dedication and hard work in the labor movement. Participants will have the opportunity to attend various workshops and sessions on ...

  • NALHC: Labor, Law, and Progressive Activism (CFP Deadline: April 30)

    October 22-24, 2015, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. 37th Annual North American Labor History Conference. The Program Committee of the NALHC, an international conference with global perspectives on labor history, invites proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, talks, etc. on the theme of Labor, Law, and Progressive Activism for our thirty-seventh annual meeting. We will also consider other thematically related proposals , especially if part of a full panel or roundtable.

  • Fighting Inequality: Class, Race, and Power

    May 28-31, 2015. Registration now open! Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Joint Conference of the Labor and Working-Class History Association and the Working-Class Studies Association. Economic inequality, while long a challenge for working-class people, has grown and become increasingly central in public life. It has been a theme in struggles for justice for low-wage workers and has shaped policies related to education, housing, health care, and the right to organize.