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Fighting Against War: Peace Activism in the Twentieth Century

February, 11-13, 2015 (CFP Deadline, July 31), University of Melbourne, Australia.

Throughout the twentieth century, labour movement activists have been in the forefront of challenges to war and militarism. This conference, hosted by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, seeks to restore their role to our historical memory.

Within this overarching theme of ‘fighting against war’, we invite conference papers that include, but are not restricted to, the struggles against for conscription, fascism, nuclear weapons, and war in general. We do not wish to restrict the focus to the organised labour movement. Peace activism has occurred across a broad range of fronts undertaken by a variety of concerned individuals, pacifist groups and clerical organisations, and we welcome papers dealing with their concerns and activities. Papers on non-Australian/international dimensions are also encouraged.

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